November Artists – Casilda Sánchez and Simon Tarr


The UMW Media Wall artists for the month of November are Casilda Sánchez and Simon Tarr.

Born in Madrid, Spain, Casilda Sánchez holds a Masters Degree in Film, Video and New Media by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives and works in Brooklyn. Her work has been shown in museums, art centers and galleries such as La Panera (Spain), Ground Floor Biennial at Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), Aspect Ratio Gallery (Chicago), Videonale13 at Kunstmuseum Bonn, or Frac Corse among others.

Simon Tarr is an artist, researcher, and educator in South Carolina. In addition to his films that have been screened in hundreds of film festivals on every continent (yes, even Antarctica), he creates live video shows and immersive environments that he has performed at Carnegie Hall, LaMaMa and around the world from Tokyo to Cairo. His work is available on DVD from Netflix and Amazon. Tarr is an associate professor of art at the University of South Carolina where he is the coordinator of the Media Arts degree program in the School of Visual Art and Design. He received the 2010 University Film and Video Association Teaching Award for achievements in pedagogy that contribute to the field of film and video education.

Simon Tarr



The Long Way Down
(8m45s loop/silent/BW/single-channel)
A ghostly image of woman climbs endlessly to—somewhere. The loop evolves mathematically as more and more of her ascends and ascends.

Stop. Wait. Wait. Observe. Absorb. Partake. This is the simple, but attention-demanding process that underlies my practice. I explore video as a way of expanding space through time, transforming movement into choreography and gesture into narrative. Through the use of large-scale projections I examine the territories of absorption and desire as forces to transcend what is in front of us, incorporating looking as my main tool and vehicle to achieve intimacy with the portrayed subject. Through sustained and detailed close-ups, what would have normally been overlooked becomes visible, unlocking a fleeting moment into a vast space of micro narratives. Within this new immersive environment, everyday experience is reduced to a minimum, serving to highlight the moment when human becomes animal and natural elements a breathing being.

Casilda Sánchez


High Tide
HD video, 19’27”, loop, 2013

High Tide is a close-up view of a gypsum-based material soaking water, cracking and transforming from powder to liquid state. It is the pre-process of the material changing from a mineral to a liquid with the necessary consistency to be able to function as modeling material for a new body.

The close and quiet view of such material and its changes becomes the view of an abstract landscape that has lost a reference to scale, becoming either a micro space, or the sight of a wide geological formation crumbling.



Y el mar se negó a ser tierra (and the sea refused to be land)
8 channel video and audio installation, dimensions variable, 2014


Christine Lucy Latimer

Fraction Refrain (for Loeser, Evans and Snow)

An auto-mechanized directive for mapping a microcosmic landscape.
Using cut-glass filters on a broken VHS camera, I traverse the terrain of a vintage pinball machine using mechanical movements reminiscent of Michael Snow’s La Region Centrale. (Dedicated to Mark Loeser, Justin Evans and Michael Snow).

A special commission for Graphical Recordings, with selected moving-image artists responding to POEM (1957) by Michael Snow (full text provided below)

POEM, 1957
It stayed
Where I saw it
Then it moved a fraction
To the left and then twice that
Distance again further and further

Then just faintly
A corner of it just a fraction
Was visible if you peered
Very very closely
And just as
it was

– Michael Snow

Still Feeling Blue About Colour Separation

This film rephotographs over 200 internet-sourced images of ‘Macbeth ColorChecker’ cards on to super-8mm cyanotype emulsion. Macbeth Cards (precision tools in colour film processing), were a popular accessory for small-gauge Kodachrome filmmakers in the 1970’s. They have since been re-adopted by contemporary digital photographers, who use them to compare lighting scenarios on internet blogs and forums.

Tracing the history of the colour calibration card through many lenses, I effectively remove all colours, save one.

Cory Dahn


Parallel (January-May)

The place of childhood,
of maturity.
Hearing, moving,
thinking, doing.
Act of nothing,
And with light,
time travels parallel.

“Parallel” was shot and recorded between January and March of 2014. The film acts as a personal document of time spent between Ithaca, NY and South Orange, NJ.


Occurrences of Light

A memory.
Present, passing,
Lucid, opaque,
Reflections, recollections,
Occurrences of Light.


October Artists – Christine Lucy Latimer and Cory Dahn

During the month of October, the Media Wall will  feature four new works on video and film by Christine Lucy Latimer and Cory Dahn.


Christine Lucy Latimer is an avant-garde filmmaker and photographer. Her work in the past decade has been featured across 5 continents in over 200 film festivals and gallery exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Cory Dahn studied cinema at Ithaca College, graduating in 2014 with decent grades. His interests include jazz music, 60s psychadelica, rock & roll, hockey, art deco, analog photography, anime, vaporwave, camping, hiking, memphis milano, CRT TVs, art house cinema, laying in grass, sleeping well, Mad Men, and the Fast & Furious series.